5 Best Leaf Blower for Artificial Grass that Maintains a Spotless Lawn!

Are you looking for a clean and sophisticated backyard or lawn area?

Well, if you’re one of those guys who likes to keep things neat and tidy, getting the best leaf blower for artificial grass is perhaps the most pertinent option right now. 

Getting the leaves and other minor debris and dust cleaning is a difficult job. Using rakes or other tools can seem time-consuming and highly tiring. In this case, a leaf blower can be game-changing. 

Best Leaf Blower for Artificial Grass 

If you’re not sure which option would be the best pick, then here is the solution. We have a collection of the top leaf blowers for artificial grass out of thousands of different items in the market.

Let’s learn about them in detail! 

Greenworks BA40L210 Leaf Blower

Greenworks 40V (115 MPH / 430 CFM) Brushless Axial Leaf Blower, 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Included
  • Jet fan design delivers 115 MPH and 430 CFM
  • Brushless motors are more reliable and deliver more power, longer run-time and longer life than their brushed competition
  • Variable speed trigger with cruise control for optimized control. Batteries always need to be charged in order for the unit to operate
  • 40V 2Ah li-ion battery and charger included, Compatible battery and charger models 29462, 29472 and 29482

First on the list is Greenworks’ BA4L210. Coming with a stylish, futuristic design, this incredible blower has a lot to offer. Let’s find out more about it! 


  • Color: Light Green/Black
  • Weight: 6 Pounds
  • Power Source: Battery Powered 
  • Wind Force Generated: 115 MPH, 430 CFM

The element we’d be discussing first is the fan speed(as it’s the main point of consideration). This one is incredibly fast with a wind speed generation of 115 MPH or 430 CFM, which would get the jobs done. 

On top of that, this device uses a newer, more energetic brushless motor technology, which offers better performance, uses less battery, and longer lifespan. 

It also has a variable speed with a cruise control function, which can tackle different density levels. If there are fewer leaves and easily removable with lower speed, why waste energy using the speed that’s not necessary. 

Furthermore, if you’re looking for an option that won’t break your back, this one can be a fitting option. It comes with an incredibly lighter build weighing close to 6 lbs only for easy operation. 

Coming with a stylish, dynamic, curved design and added comfort grip, this device would make blowing the leaves a job that anyone loves to do. 

One thing that you may find a bit problematic is the run time. It comes with a slightly minimized run time, which may require you to go for charging a bit too frequently. 

But if you consider all things it’s offering, this could be one of the best blower for artificial grass you can go for. 


  • Faster speed of 115 MPH and 430 CFM helps get rid of the leaves 
  • Brushless motors ensure swifter performance with a long term usage possibility 
  • Variable speed with cruise control helps you reduce energy wastage 
  • The lightweight build makes it easy to maneuver 
  • Exceptional curved design and handle grip offers maximum flexibility during use 


  • Run time may seem a bit short

EGO Power+ LB6504 Leaf Blower for Grass

EGO Power+ LB6504 650 CFM Variable-Speed 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Leaf Blower 5.0Ah Battery and Charger Included
  • Turbo button delivers 650 CFM, up to 180 MPH with tapered nozzle attached
  • Up to 90 minutes of average runtime on a single charge with the included 56V 5.0Ah ARC Lithium battery
  • Variable speed dial from 225 CFM to 470 CFM with lock on button for ultimate control
  • High-efficiency brushless motor
  • IPX4-rated weather-resistant construction

At the 2nd spot, we have an incredible item on the list. If you’re an individual who likes to get things done within minutes and demands only the professional-grade devices from the market, then this one by Ego Power should be the one to go for.


  • Color: Black/Ash/Green
  • Weight: 12.9 Pounds
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Wind Force Generated: 180 MPH, 650 CFM 

First, this one comes with an astounding 650 CFM maximum wind speed! A wind speed of this nature would move leaves and twigs off in an instant. Furthermore, small dust and debris would also be transferred to your desired location with ease. 

Similar to the Greenworks Leaf Blower, this one too comes with a variable speed control mechanism that lets you switch between 225 to 500 CFM to adjust the strength of the speed based on the density and size of the leaves and save additional energy on the go. 

This one too comes with a brushless motor for efficient performance with a better lifespan. 

One thing that you should consider is recharging. Although with an insane speed, you should be able to get the leaves and twigs cleared within minutes, you may find the device draining the battery sooner than expected. So, in larger lawns, this can be an issue. 

However, with unbelievable speeds and outstanding performance, this should be a quality item to go for if you’re looking for the best leaf blowers. 


  • Speed reaches a staggering 650 CFM max to blow every leaves and twig with ease 
  • Variable speed control saves energy and lets the battery last longer 
  • Brushless motor technology ensures a longer lifespan 
  • Ergonomic design offers easy maneuvering capability 
  • The battery-powered device offers extensive convenience 


  • Run time could’ve been improved 
  • Coming at 12.6 lbs, the device may seem a bit heavy for some 

Greenworks (150 MPH) Cordless Leaf Blower

Greenworks 40V Leaf Blower/Sweeper, 150 MPH, Lightweight, Quiet, with 2.0 Ah Battery and Charger
  • 40V SWEEPER : perfect for cleaning leaves and debris off hard surface areas and patios​
  • 150 MPH / 135 CFM :delivers powerful performance. Concentrator nozzle makes clearing debris from tight spaces a breeze​
  • VARIABLE SPEED DIAL : for maximum power, great for moving heavier objects​
  • COMFORT GRIP : superior comfort and control​
  • LIGHTWEIGHT : for better handling and less user fatigue

Here at this point in our guide, we have another premium Greenworks cordless leaf blower. You can go for this one too, as Greenworks is known for its’ dependable blowing technology. Anyway, let’s learn more about it! 


  • Color: Black/Light Green
  • Weight: 3.27 Pounds
  • Power Source: Battery Powered 
  • Wind Force Generated:150 MPH, 135 CFM 

The feature which we’d like to mention first is the incredible speed it has to provide. This leaf blower is equipped with sophisticated technology that gives you a wind speed of over 150 MPH and 135 CFM, which would offer a quality leaf-blowing experience. 

One of the core features of this incredible item is its unbelievably lighter weight (don’t know how they managed to fit in all these within this weight). Well, this one weighs around 3.27 pounds only, making it effortlessly easy for you to maneuver it to your desire for a longer duration.

This one also offers variable speed control so that the device won’t be running at a particular speed. Instead, you get to decide the correct speed that requires the leaves to be moved. So, you can turn the speed down to move smaller dry leaves and save yourself from possible recharging in mid-work. 

This one also offers an extension tube to make blowing more precise by focusing on a smaller area with intense airflow. 

It has a lower CFM rating, making it a light-duty device, good for moving away leaves and dust. But, with a 135 CFM, it’d be extremely difficult for this device to move large elements like small rocks or debris or cleaning gutters and all. 

Yet, if you’re a small yard owner who doesn’t need heavy-duty output, going for this one would be more suitable than spending large on heavy-duty devices. 


  • Comes with a decent 150 MPH for quality leaf cleaning 
  • Unbelievably lightweight construction for easy maneuvering 
  • Variable speed function conserves energy for longer operation
  • Extension tube helps focus on a particular area with intense speed and increased reach
  • Lithium battery-powered device helps users to move and blow with ease without cables 


  • May not perform heavy-duty tasks 
  • Won’t clean the gutters


AIPER Leaf Robotic Pool cleaner 90 Mins Runtime, Cordless Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner Waterline Cleaning, Wall-Climbi for above/In Ground Pool FloorCleaning,Top Load Filter Bask
  • CORDLESS & SAFE: Say goodbye to tangled hoses.AIPER Pool Cleaner for Above Ground is a cordless automatic pool vacuum that's battery-operated, eliminating the need for power cords and reducing the risk of power short-outs.
  • Unmatched Cleaning Power: With its triple-motor power and larger inlet, the Aiper Pool Cleaner collects and filters more dirt and debris than ever before. Its spacious storage compartment can handle leaf fragments, tough dirt, debris, and sand with ease. Two sets of precise, independent brushes leave you with a crystal-clear pool.
  • 5200mAh Battery & 90mins Long Runtime-- Our cordless automatic pool cleaners adopt a 5200mAh 6-cell rechargeable battery. It takes about 5 hours to fully charge. And this robotic pool cleaner supports up to 90 minutes uninterrupted runtime, enough to clean flat inground pools and above ground pools up to 1100 Sq.ft.
  • Supported Pool Types - Ideal for Above Ground Pools and In-Ground Pools of flat bottom (max slope < 15°). Suitable for all lining (PVC, tiles, vinyl or gunite) and shapes (round, rectangular,or oval).Suggest the pool size not exceed 500 Sq.ft, so that the robot could clean the entire pool in about 50 Mins of one working cycle.
  • 【Buy with Confidence】The package includes 1 x leaf blower, 2 x 2Ah batteries, 1 xquick charger, 1 x user manual. Backed by 1.5 year worry-free warranty. Any issues, please feel free to contact us via email or phone.

The final part we have here is the Aiper smart leaf blower. If you’re looking for a quality leaf blower that gets the job done, then this option should be something you can go for. Let’s learn the details. 


  • Color: Black/Green/White
  • Weight: 6.7 Pounds
  • Power Source:  Battery Powered
  • Wind Force Generated:  90 MPH, 335 CFM

Initially, we’d be talking about the power it can produce. Offering a high 335 CFM powerful blowing, it should get the leaves, sawdust and other dust particles moved towards the desired direction without any issues. 

Moreover, like the EGO Power+ LB6504, this device, too, comes with a two-step variable speed control that helps you minimize energy misuse. 

Having to work with a heavier device may seem like a difficult job to perform. Well, with a weight of 6.7 lbs, this lightweight device should offer you exceptional maneuverability. 

It also comes with an ergonomic design that highly reduces the stress on your arms and lets you work long hours without any feelings of pain. 

Despite the increased power, it may still face some issues getting larger debris to move. But given the outstanding benefits they offer, this should be a quality item you can go for any time! 


  • 335 CFM wind speed and power easily move the leaves, sawdust, and other dust particles away 
  • Two-step variable speed control makes it energy efficient 
  • With a light 6.7 pounds weight, this device offers excellent maneuverability 
  • Ergonomic design paves the way for effortless working 
  • Cordless convenience lets users move where needed without restrictions or dangers 


  • Could’ve improved the power 
  • Run time may prove to be low in the case of larger lawns

BHY – Cordless Leaf Blower  

BHY 320 CFM 150 MPH Cordless Leaf Blower with 4.0Ah Battery & Charger, 6-Speed Dial, 2 Section Tubes - Electric Battery Powered Leaf Blower, Versatile and Easy to Use for Yard Work, Dust, Snow Debris
  • ❉【Cordless and Portable】 - Include 21V 4.0Ah battery and 2.0Ah fast charger, Battery-powered leaf blowers are cordless and lightweight, making them highly portable and easy to move around your yard without the need for an electrical outlet or an extension cord.
  • ❉【Quiet Operation】 - Unlike gas-powered leaf blowers, battery-powered models operate much more quietly, making them more suitable for use in residential areas or during early morning and late evening hours.
  • ❉【Low Maintenance】 - Battery-powered leaf blowers require minimal maintenance, as they don't have the same complex engine systems and fuel requirements as gas-powered models.
  • ❉【6 Variable Speeds】 - It offers 6 variable speed settings and 2 extension tubes, which allows you to adjust the power output to suit your specific needs and the type of debris you are clearing.
  • ❉【Versatility】 - Many battery-powered leaf blowers come with interchangeable nozzles or attachments that allow you to use them for a variety of tasks, such as blowing leaves, sweeping decks or patios, and even inflating pool toys or air mattresses.

Well, BHY is our final item on the list. Coming with unparalleled popularity, this blower can surely be an outstanding add-on to your hardware setup. Let’s look at the item in a more detailed manner. 


  • Color: Black/Green
  • Weight: 6.17294
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Wind Force Generated: 150 MPH/ 320 CFM 

This incredible item comes with a 150 MPH wind speed while strengthening with 320 CFM power. With these ratings, you should get the dried leaves out of your artificial lawn without much hassle. 

Variable speed presets offer tremendous convenience and make your work highly energy efficient. 

The device also comes equipped with a removable extension tube. This tube is slightly curved and narrowed, so the winds get much more force than usual; it lets you focus on particular areas for a more concentrated output and offers better reach to clean the hard-to-reach areas. 

Last but not the least, similar to the AIPER SMART Leaf Blower, this one too is built with an ergonomic design. You get to work for longer hours with the utmost flexibility and ease, thanks to a rubberized, non-slip grip on the handle. 

One of the things that may bother you a bit is the slower starting speed. It may take up a bit more time to start up. 

But, considering all the things it has to offer, this should be a quality item you can go for, on the whole. 


  •  150 MPH and 320 CFM wind speed and power help keep the dust and leave off the ground
  • Variable speed presets offer better energy management 
  • A removable extension tube gives a concentrated performance on a particular area for intense blowing 
  • The ergonomic design makes it highly flexible for a versatile working pattern 
  • Quality rubberized handle grip lets users work for longer hours 


  • May take some time to start up 
  • Can be prone to wear and tear

Battery Powered Leaf Blower VS Electric Leaf Blower

The battle of battery-powered vs. electric leaf blowers has been trending in the artificial grass user communities. Let’s look at the real owner: 

Power and Speed 

The first thing that pops up in your mind about using a small leaf blower is the power output. So, naturally, electric leaf blowers connected directly to the home power sockets would offer better power output. 

Since they’re never failing (as they don’t depend on batteries) and can channel an enormous amount of power continuously, they’re the more powerful to get the leaves, twigs, dust, and debris out of the lawn. 

Battery-powered leaf blowers, too, offer a dependable power output but are comparatively lower than their electric counterparts. 

Convenience and Flexibility

If you want a convenient, hazard-free blowing experience, going for a battery-powered blower would be the most pertinent thing to do. Being cordless, you get the freedom to run anywhere to blow the leaves, which isn’t possible in an electronic blower. da

Long or Short Areas

If you happen to have a larger artificial lawn, it’s better to go for battery-powered blowers as they can be carried anywhere and are quite good at working in hard-to-reach areas. 

On the other hand, the corded electric blowers work well in much smaller areas, as they need to stay within a particular area because of the cord. 

How to Use Leaf Blower on Artificial Grass

Before you use a leaf blower on your fake grass, here are a few tips that can come in handy: 

Weather Conditions 

One of the basic considerations before blowing the leaves is checking the weather conditions. If it had just rained, blowing on the wet lawn wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do. Wait for the ground to dry. 

Having too much wind can also hamper the blowing process. Hence, blowing the leaves on a hot sunny day is the best condition to work. 

Plan the Entire Work 

Before starting the work, it’s a must that you plan where the leaves will land. Place a mat or long thin plastic materials and trap the leaves on top of it. Then you can easily roll the plastic and dump it where you want. 

Set a Starting and Ending Point 

Throughout the entire process, you’d have to blow the leaves in a singular direction only. If you’ve started from the east, blow the leaves towards the west, it’s as simple as that.

Don’t try to blow from different directions, as you’d end up working on the areas where you’ve already worked. 

Hold it In An Angled Manner.

The blower needs to be held in an angled manner for the best performance. Please keep it on your side and use back-and-forth motion to get the jobs done easily. 

What Are the Alternatives to Vacuuming Fake Grass?

There are different alternatives to vacuuming fake grass. Cleaning the grass can be done in many ways. Here are a few you can consider:


Rake the artificial turf to get rid of the dust, debris, and leaves. You can find specially designed rakes for artificial grass, which would offer the best performance without damaging the turf. 

Watering the Ground 

You can also water the ground with a garden hose pump. Use it to release water with an increased force to drive away all the dust and debris. The dirt will be collected and drained away using the underground drainage system. 

Using Leaf Blowers

Using the best home leaf blower, as we discussed, is a quality alternative you can use to clean the area. 

Best artificial grass leaf blower, high-powered blowers can move leaves, twigs, and even the larger debris off the turf. 

Collecting Larger Debris by Hand 

In case of larger debris or twigs, you can collect and remove them by hand.


What Vacuum Would Be Best for Artificial Grass?

Getting a highly powerful fake grass vacuum that can tackle larger debris and comes equipped with a larger bag would be the best large artificial grass surface. 

How do I get rid of leaves on my artificial lawn?

Using specially designed leaf blowers and rakes is an easy way to get rid of leaves. You can also use synthetic grass vacuums for this purpose. 

What kind of brush do you use for artificial grass?

It’s recommended to use rakes, specially manufactured for artificial grass cleaning. You can also use a broom with synthetic bristles. 

Does artificial grass need maintenance?

Compared to natural grass, the maintenance requirements are pretty low. But it may require light maintenance over time. 

Final Thoughts 

We’re at the final parts of our long and detailed guide. Which we explained some of the best options you can go for to keep the artificial turf lawn free of dried leaves, twigs, sawdust, and other small to medium and large debris. 

We’ve also provided extensive information on other related areas, so you get a more in-depth understanding of the leaf blowers and go ahead with the best item possible. 

Blowers are by far the most advanced and user-friendly devices to keep the leaves and other debris off the lawn. They don’t damage the turf either. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best leaf blower for artificial grass right now and transform the lawn right now! 

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With outstanding experience as a content strategist, Nesar leads the team with exceptional strategies and techniques. He has a solid understanding of the company's marketing strategy and how it will be implemented on all platforms and has the capability to communicate that information effectively with other departments within the organization. Further, with his deep understanding of marketing and relative fields he plans to the business goals will be achieved. For over a year, Nesar’s contribution to The Greenoma is unparalleled and his sheer skill and firm determination has made us who we are today.

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