Privacy Policy

1. Disclaimer

The data and the info found within the site is used primarily for informational reasons. The Greenoma will not guarantee the complete accuracy of the data and will not be accountable for any omissions or errors in the data or for any user’s reliance on the data found on the website. The user alone is responsible for ensuring that the information is acceptable for personal use.

2. Our Right to Modify These Terms of Use

We retain the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any moment. You should revisit this page on a frequent basis to check any updates on the information. The modifications will be visible on the Site and will take effect when we post them. By continuing to use the Site, you agree to and accept the changes.

3. Our Privacy Policy

More information about how data is collected, utilized, and made accessible on or via our Site may be found in our Privacy Policy. We recommend that you read it.

4. Intellectual Property

Your Limited License to our Intellectual Property

Text, software, pictures, graphics, drawings and artwork, video, music and sound, and names, logos, trademarks, and service marks, among other things, are the property of The Greenoma or its affiliates or licensors and are protected by copyright, trademark, and other laws. The content present in The Greenoma can only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes.

You hereby acknowledge not to edit, duplicate, rebroadcast or redistribute,  sell or publish any content available on The Greenoma website without The Greenoma’s authorization. 

You can only use The Greenoma content for personal, non-transferable use. 

The Greenoma Trademarks and Logos

All the logos, product and service names found at are trademarks of The Greenoma or its affiliates. You are not allowed to use such marks without The Greenoma’s prior authorization. The Site’s other service names, logos, and brands are the property of their respective owners.

5. Reliance on Information on Site

We have no responsibility to examine content on our Site, including User Submissions (defined below) or contributions by our independent contributors, and you should not expect us to do so.

About our Contributors

As independent contractor contributors to the Site, The Greenoma seeks content producers in certain topics. The Greenoma makes no representation or warranty that any contributor has attained any certain degree of competence or understanding, or that they have any specific qualifications or credentials in relation to the subject area to which their contributions pertain. 

To the extent that we refer to any of these individuals as an expert, you must realize that we rely on the content they supply us, and we are under no obligation to independently check or seek to validate any information they offer, nor their credentials. The Greenoma  is also under no obligation to review, study, or verify any content they provide.

Please do not depend on the Site’s material, which includes content from our independent contractor contributors and User Contributions . The content is offered for general informational purposes only and cannot take into account your specific, particular circumstances and needs.

You understand and agree that any actions you perform in violation of your agreement with us are entirely at your own risk, and The Greenoma accepts no responsibility or obligation to you in any way.

6. Prohibited Uses of the Site

You may only use the Site for legal purposes and in compliance with all the Terms of Service. You agree not to use the Site in the following ways:

  • In any way that is contrary to federal, state, municipal, or international law or regulation.
  • To abuse, hurt, or try to exploit or harm children in any way, including by exposing them to improper content, requesting personally identifying information, or otherwise.
  • To send or arrange for the transmission of any commercial or promotional material, including junk or spam mails, or any other similar solicitation.
  • Trying to impersonate The Greenoma, a Greenoma employee, another user, or any other individual or entity is strictly prohibited 

Furthermore, you accept not to:

  • “Scrape” or disaggregate the Site’s information (whether manually or automatically) for any business, marketing, data compiling, or data improving purpose.
  • Introduce any dangerous or technologically destructive computer viruses, or other harmful material or mechanism.
  • Attempt to obtain unauthorized entry to, interfere with, damage, or disrupt any elements of the Site, the server on which the Site is housed, or any server, computer, or database that is linked to the Site.
  • Try to obstruct the Site’s normal operation.

7. Content That You Make Available on the Site

User Contributions

The Site may include internet forums, chat sessions, individual web pages or profiles, forum, review and ranking sections,  (collectively, “Interactive Services”) that users can post, submit, publish, display, as well as transfer to certain other individuals remarks, content on the Site.

You run the risk of receiving unsolicited contact from other people if you voluntarily share personal information (like your username or email address) on the Site in places like forums, chat rooms, or user- or member-generated pages. This information can be seen in search engines and can be collected and used by others. We firmly warn against posting any sensitive or private information on our website.

You affirm and guarantee that:

  • You are the only owner of or possess all legal rights, title, and interest in and you have the authority to grant the aforementioned license to us, our service providers and affiliates. 
  • Your whole User Content complies with these Terms of Use and will continue to do so.

You recognize and agree that you alone, not the Company, are wholly responsible for any User Contributions you post or contribute, including their legality, dependability, correctness. The accuracy or content of any User Contributions uploaded by you is not our responsibility or subject to our liability to any third party.

Monitoring and Enforcement; Termination

We are entitled to:

  • Take any action with regard to any User Contribution that we, in our sole discretion, deem inappropriate or feel that it is not meeting our content standards. 
  • For any reason or no reason at all, we have the authority to withdraw or refuse to publish any User Contributions.
  • Violates any third-intellectual party’s property or other rights, endangers the personal safety of Site users or the public, or could expose the Company to liability.
  • Any third party who complains that something you uploaded infringes on their rights, including their privacy or intellectual property rights, should be given your identity or other personal information.
  • Without limiting the aforementioned, we reserve the right to fully assist any law enforcement officials or court order asking or directing us to provide the identity of any other information pertaining to anyone posting any content on or via the Site.

We are unable to evaluate every content before it is placed on the Site, and we do not undertake to do so. We are also unable to guarantee the fast removal of objectionable content once it has been submitted. 

Due to this, we disclaim any responsibility for our actions or inactions with regard to transmissions, communications, or content that has been given by a user or other party. If the actions outlined in this part are performed or not, we are not liable or responsible to anybody.

Content Standards

All User Contributions must adhere to these content guidelines. All applicable domestic and foreign laws and regulations must be complied with in full by User Contributions. In addition to the aforementioned, User Contributions may not:

  • Include any content that is libelous, offensive, violent, hateful, inflammatory, pornographic, or otherwise inappropriate.
  • Promote violence, sexually explicit or pornographic content, or prejudice against people because of their race, gender, nationality, religion, handicap, sexual orientation, or age.
  • Violate any other person’s patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or other intellectual property rights.
  • Violate the legal rights of others, including their right to privacy and publicity, or include any information that would subject them to civil or criminal penalties under the law or that might otherwise be in violation of our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy.
  • Be prone to lying to anyone.
  • Advocate for, support, or participate in any criminal conduct.
  • Irritate, inconvenience, or cause unwarranted worry in others, or be liable to agitate, harass, humiliate, alarm, or annoy others.

8. Your Indemnification of Us

You agree to hold The Greenoma, its officers or employees harmless from and against any costs or liabilities required in relation to any claims due to (a) any User Contributions, or (b) a breach by you or any user of your account.

9. Third Party Links, Websites, Advertisements and Content

We are not liable for the content of any third-party ads or linked websites, nor do we evaluate or monitor any websites, adverts, or other media that are connected to or made available through the Site. You are recommended to confirm price, product quality, and any other information required to make an educated decision prior to purchasing any third-party items or services mentioned on the website.

If you decide to buy goods or services from a third party based on the information on the Site, neither The Greenoma nor its parent company, nor any of its subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, agents, representatives, or licensors will be liable in any way. We also won’t accept or look into any complaints relating to such purchases.

10. Disputes 

New York State laws  will determine the interpretation and enforcement of these Terms of Use and any issues arising out of or relating to the Site (without regard to conflict of law principles). You hereby expressly submit, in the case of any such dispute, to the exclusive jurisdiction of any venue in the courts sitting in the State of New York, County of New York.