10 Best Artificial Grass Deodorizer – Keep Odors Away

Are you an artificial grass user who’s struggling with pet urine odor? If that’s the case, you must get the best artificial grass deodorizer to get the smell in order. 

However, just getting a turf deodorizer won’t be a permanent solution.

Why so? 

Well, most of these so-called ‘deodorizers’ would only cover up the existing smell with an even more powerful fragrance. 

What’s the result? 

Well, you may smell a beautiful fragrance for some time but the odor will resurface when the deodorizer slowly loses its effect. 

That’s why we have researched and selected some quality alternatives that can stop the smell at the source, treat the smell-causing bacteria, and give you a permanent fix to the issue. 

Best Artificial Grass Deodorizer 

Now, we’ll be talking about the 10 best urine odor eliminators for artificial grass which you can use to eliminate the odor from your backyard. Let’s find out more about them! 

Eco Strong Outdoor Odor Neutralizer 

Eco Strong Outdoor Odor Eliminator | Outside Dog Urine Enzyme Cleaner – Powerful Pet, Cat, Animal Scent Deodorizer | Professional Strength for Yard, Turf, Kennels, Patios, Decks (Gallon with Sprayer)
  • Powerful Natural Odor Eraser: This Chemical-free formula is a pet poop & pee smell destroyer. Spray it on any outdoor surface, and odors will quickly disappear. The only thing left behind will be a fresh eucalyptus scent.
  • Multi-Surface Safe: Effective on virtually all outdoor surfaces; turf, grass, rock, dirt, fences, furniture, concrete, wooden decks, and more.
  • Paw & Barefoot Safe: This professional strength bio-enzymatic solution erases offensive odors without leaving residue behind. This product does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  • New Rugged Multi-Use Sprayer: We are happy to introduce our more durable higher quality sprayer.
  • Multi-Use Formula: Erase pet and animal urine, stool, vomit, skunk, or even garbage odors from your outdoor spaces.

At the 1st spot, we have the Eco Strong odor neutralizer. Similar to the first one this one too has a remarkable user contentment record. Time to learn more about this quality item. 


  • Doesn’t leave residue 
  • Added sprayer for easy application
  • Multipurpose use 
  • Lemon Eucalyptus flavored fragrance 
  • Highly versatile usage 

Well, if you’ve been looking for an authentic enzymatic odor remover then here is something you can grab on. 

Most average deodorizers are made using cheap, strong chemicals which will just add a layer of cover to the existing urine or poo odor. 

Once the fragrance is gone, the urine odor would reappear. 

On the other hand, this premium probiotic formula would go deep down to the root of the smell and treat the smell to completely get rid of the odor at once. 

Another benefit of this premium neutralizer is that it can deal with both indoor and outdoor odors. You can use it in your backyard with artificial grass as well as on the apartment patios. 

It offers a lasting impact on the affected areas. And being tremendously effective, its anti-odor properties can last on the sprayed areas for weeks. 

The fragrance it has may seem a bit overpowering for some users. However, apart from minor issues like these, they should offer an exceptionally effective odor-removal experience every time! 


  • Bio-active formula treats smell at the root 
  • Enzymatic solution eats up the odor-causing bacteria for long-term relief 
  • Can tackle smell both indoor and outdoor 
  • Stop smells from reappearing 


  • May seem a bit overpowering for sensitive people 

BioTurf BioS Artificial Turf Pet Odor Eliminator

BioTurf BioS+ Artificial Turf Pet Odor Eliminator - Organic, Non-Toxic, Enzyme Concentrate - Safe for Use Around Kids, Pets, & Plants, 1 Gallon
  • Scientifically formulated to get rid of the toughest pet odors in artificial grass, breaking down odor-causing proteins to eliminate odors instead of covering them up
  • BioS+ enzyme penetrating technology breaks down the ammonia and proteins that cause unpleasant pet waste smells and other organic and non-organic odors
  • Industry leader in odor treatment and odor prevention caused by pet urine and feces, our product is useful in smaller spaces like pens and kennels, and larger yards and pet care facilities
  • Clean, fresh scent provides an immediate sense of relief, reducing the stink for your peace of mind without smelling too perfumey or fake

We have another high-quality artificial turf odor eliminator, this time by BioTurf. Let’s have a brief look into this one! 


  • Scientific development process 
  • Attacks the odor enzymes 
  • Long term impact 
  • Works on different elements 
  • Non-toxic formulation 

The first thing that we’d like to mention is its enzymatic treatment properties. It offers a completely scientific smell prevention technology that stops odor at its track. It does this by digesting the nitrogen particles in pet urine before they turn into foul-smelling ammonia. 

Another positive part of this incredible scientific formula is that it’s a natural formulation. As a result, this biodegradable compound would slowly degrade away leaving no harmful substances behind and keeping the pet and children safe from the damaging effects. 

This one too offers a refreshing fragrance that would transform the indoor environment. 

Despite the positives, some users may find the fragrance a bit overpowering making it a bit irritating. 

However, keeping aside the minor issues such as that, this should be an incredibly safe and effective turf deodorizer option you can go ahead with. 


  • Scientifically formulated for the best turf smell neutralization
  • Digests the nitrogen particles before they turn into stinking ammonia 
  • A naturally biodegradable solution for increased pet and kids safety 
  • Added refreshing fragrance 


  • Some may find the smell to be a bit irritating 

Absolutely Clean – Natural Odor Eliminator 

Amazing Outdoor Deodorizer odor eliminator Natural Enzyme Just Spray & Walk Away Grass, AstroTurf, Dog Runs, Patios, Decks, Fences & More Vet Approved - 128oz odor eliminator for strong odor
  • FAST-ACTING DEODORIZING FORMULA: This natural enzyme formula is incredibly fast-acting and does not leave behind any residue. Simply spray and walk away. This simple, stain-free spray makes it easy to deodorize your pets’ messes and will have your yard smelling fresh in no time.
  • POWERFUL NATURAL ENZYMES: Absolutely Clean Outdoor/Yard dog deodorizing spray is an outstanding choice for cleaning and deodorizing any outdoor space. Our formula uses Powerful, Natural Enzymes to break down odors and stains from animal waste in your yard. It can be used on grass and plants, and can even prevent grass from yellowing, making for the perfect all-in-one outdoor cleaning and deodorizing solution.
  • FOR DECKS, LAWNS, FENCES & MORE: This formula is ideal for cleaning and pet stain and odor remover outdoor areas that your animals use. Our pet odor eliminator removes odors from urine and feces from many animals, including waste from dogs, cats, eliminators, and chickens. This spray works well on all outdoor surfaces, including decks, dog runs, chicken coops, concrete, bark, rock, dirt, and more.
  • VETERINARIAN APPROVED: Our vet-approved cat urine enzyme cleaner destroyer formula is made without the use of harsh chemicals or noxious fumes, making for a gentle yet powerful cleaning solution for removing the toughest stains and eliminating the most stubborn odors.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Absolutely Clean is a small, family owned-and-operated company based in Colorado. We make our products at home in the USA. We believe in providing an exceptional cleaning experience for our customers by providing high-quality products. No matter what your cleaning needs are, Absolutely Clean has the product for you!

Here is another natural odor eliminator on the list. This time it’s by the Absolutely Clean store. Stay with us as we’re discussing this natural formulation broadly.


  • Natural formulation
  • Fast action 
  • Pet friendly 
  • Easy to use 
  • Pleasant fragrance 

If you’re someone who can’t stand the foul smell of cat poop or urine, here is something you should try. Because this incredible solution comes with fast-acting properties that handle the smell within minutes. 

It can also be useful if guests are coming you need to get the stink under control quickly. 

Like the BioTurf BioS, we mentioned earlier, this one too is a probiotic treatment. This natural enzyme-based cleaner won’t just create a layer of scent up on top of the already existing odor. Instead, it will target the odor-causing bacteria and restructure their chemical compounds to stop odors at its track. 

This turf sanitizer is highly versatile. Not only can you use them on your synthetic grass but you can also apply them effectively on concrete, rock or dirt, and almost any other surface. 

Moreover, this incredibly effective deodorizer uses a gentle formula, which will be a lot safer for your pets than the regular, substandard-grade, highly chemicalized options. 

One of the issues with this one is, it may run out pretty fast if you use it with a hosepipe. But apart from minor and infrequent incidents like this, the solution would surely be a quality add-on to prevent odors from spreading. 


  • Works fast for instant odor removal 
  • Probiotic treatment works on molecular levels to get it fixed 
  • The tremendously versatile solution works on almost all surfaces 
  • Gentle formula for increased pet safety 


  • May run out pretty fast if used with a garden hose 

BioFill – Granular Infill Pet Deodorizer

You cannot solve the odor problem just by spraying some liquid on the grass. Instead, you’d have to follow a more holistic approach. That’s why we have a specially designed infill in the list that can deal with the odor problem. 


  • Granular infill neutralizer 
  • Dries up waste fast 
  • Outdoor use 
  • Moisture remover 
  • All-natural formulation 

The best part about this infill is that it’s a natural and pet-friendly infill. The biggest problem with only using a spray or a liquid solution is that their chemical compounds remain present on the grass blades for a long time, risking the pets’ life. 

In that case, this nontoxic infill stays underneath the grass blade and instantly absorbs the odor and minimizes the spread. 

Some infills can have their own odor which many pets and owners don’t seem to like. But this one is an odorless infill alternative you can try. 

The increased absorption capabilities present in the infill would outperform the regular charcoal solutions and put an end to the odors fast. 

It is pretty good in terms of tackling moisture and improving the overall health and safety of the pets as well. As a result, your grass would remain dry and free of mold or bacterial development. 

One thing that you may find a bit problematic is the amount of infill you get. For a large yard, you may need multiple bags to get the work done. 

Apart from it, there isn’t much to complain about and should do the job of limiting foul smell perfectly!


  • Non-toxic formulation for added pet safety 
  • Absorbs odors fast 
  • Keeps the grass dry and reduces bacterial development 
  • Pet-friendly, odorless infill solution 


  • Can seem a bit too little for a pack 

BioFill BioTurf Granular Infill – Pet Deodorizer

Now we have another granular infill option by the highly renowned BioFill. Let’s get to learn more about this incredible infill option. 


  • Tremendously popular 
  • Natural infill 
  • Good for dog urine and potty
  • Good for outdoor usage 
  • Limits odors 

This infill has been scientifically formulated to break down the chemical compounds that create odors in the first place and prevent any smell from formulating. 

This incredible formula also soaks up the liquid substance quicker to limit the scale of the spread and maintain a fresh environment in the house. 

Similar to the previously mentioned BioFill – Granular Infill Pet Deodorizer, this one too uses a biodegradable formula to get the smell in order without causing any harm to your children or pets. 

Moreover, it’s a highly flexible infill option that can work on almost all areas from kennels to large synthetic turf yards or pet care areas. 

However, you’d have to add plenty of infills to get the desired effect which can be an issue for some users.

But all in all, this should be a fantastic infill option you can go ahead with to put a leash on the odor. 


  • Breaks down the smell-causing chemical compounds to prevent odor
  • Limits the odor of the smell by quickly absorbing them 
  • Biodegradable formula degrades fast reducing health safety hazard risks
  • Added flexibility in terms of application 


  • May require plenty of infills to get the desired effect

Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator for Pets

Are you looking for the best liquid option to handle the pet urine odor? At the 7th spot in the list, we have one such item which would be ideal for the job. 


  • Convenient application
  • Safe for natural plants 
  • Pet friendly 
  • Hose connection capability 
  • Versatile usage 

If you have messy pets who like to do their dirty work here frequently, this incredible odor-removal spray is for you. It tackles a wide variety of odor-causing elements starting from urine to stool and vomiting. 

Being highly versatile you can use it on almost any surface be it artificial grass or real other areas like concrete or brick. 

This one too, like the Eco Strong Outdoor Odor Neutralizer, is a completely bioactive treatment. Instead of adding a layer of fragrance on top of the existing odor, it goes deep into the odor-causing cells and eliminates them from deep within. As a result, the smell is wiped out from its roots and you won’t find it coming back over and over again. 

Furthermore, it’s pretty fast. You won’t have to wait around days and hours for it to start taking effect. Instead, it’d remove the odor instantly upon application, thanks to its’ highly effective formula. 

It may have slight issues with the sprayer and some users may find the odor coming back if not applied properly. 

However, keeping aside the minor instances, this item is undoubtedly one of the best artificial grass deodorizer options you can go ahead with right now. 


  • Tackles all sorts of odor-causing elements, from stool and urine to vomit and other similar issues. 
  • Eliminates the odor-causing cells and wipes out the smell from its root 
  • Works faster than regular solutions 
  • Reduces the possibilities of odor resurfacing 


  • The sprayer may have slight issues 

 PE-51 ZEOFILL Economy Pack

Here is another pet odor-remover you can consider. This one’s by PE-51 store and should help you tackle the urine or stool odor. Let’s learn more about it. 


  • Works well outdoor 
  • Pet-friendly formulation
  • Easy application 
  • Refreshing fragrance 
  • Instant action

Like the options, we’ve talked about previously, this one too is a quality pet odor remover solution you can try. It won’t just mask the smell, instead fix the smell from deep within. 

Usually, dor or cat urine comes with protein elements which mainly results in foul smells. In that case, it will quickly attack the proteins and dissolve them to tackle the increased smell. 

Being an enzymatic solution, it doesn’t come loaded with harmful chemicals and wouldn’t be a problem for pets. 

Further, it comes with a refreshing scent that can transform the room atmosphere to a certain degree. It helps especially before you’re having guests in the house. 

You can apply it to your artificial grass as well as real grass. Moreover, they’re also pretty safe to apply on concrete or areas surrounding plants. 

You may need to use a bit more to get the odor removed. But overall, this is a quality odor eliminator option you can go ahead with. 


  • Fixes smell from deep within 
  • Doesn’t mask the smell like average odor eliminators 
  • Offers a highly refreshing fragrance 
  • Can be applied on a range of different surfaces like concrete, artificial and real grass


  • May require a bit more to get the odor removed 

ProVetLogic Kennel & Turf Care -Synthetic Pet Turf Cleaner

At the closing parts of our guide, we have another highly sophisticated turf care solution by the prominent, Pro-Vet Logic. Let’s get to know about it a bit more. 


  • Versatile operation 
  • Exceptional performance 
  • Brightens grass blades 
  • Biological action
  • Easy application

This one too uses biological actions to clean the smell-causing bacteria and particles. It makes the odor-causing elements ineffective and offers deep sanitizing properties. 

If you’re having trouble keeping your home or artificial grass free of diseases and bacteria you must try killing off any pathogen or other elements that can develop harmful conditions. 

Well, in that case, this item should offer you a quality performance, because it comes with bacterial agents to deal with such issues. 

Being a professional-grade cleaner, you can use it in areas where there are multiple pets around, like stables, pet care facilities, and kennels. 

In terms of application, it’s pretty flexible. You can use it as your turf cleaner while you can use it to sanitize and clean the floor too. 

However, it may not bring the best results on concrete surfaces. Yet, keeping aside the small factors like that, it should surely be a quality add-on to get the smell in check. 


  • Comes with effective sanitizing properties 
  • Removes odor from its root
  • Can be used in areas where there are multiple pets 
  • Can use one artificial grass and can be used as a floor cleaner and sanitizer 


  • May not work on concrete surface 

Nature’s Pure Edge Yard Odor Eliminator

Finally, we have the Nature’s Pure Edge, yard odor eliminator on the list. Let’s find out what it offers one by one. 


  • Dries up liquid fast 
  • Easy waste removal 
  • Dry solution
  • Flexible application
  • Neutralizes odor from within

Well, this one’s a bit different from the rest of the solutions we talked about earlier. It’s a completely dry, silica-particles-like dry ingredient, which makes it easy to apply. 

First, you’d have to clean the stool or other hard substances and sprinkle it on the spot and it will instantly start working. When it gets in contact with the odor-causing elements, it’d quickly digest and restrict the spread of smell. 

One thing that makes it unique is that they prioritize pet health over everything. This is why this particular solution is created without any added chemicals that can harm your pets. 

If you have an artificial turf that needs regular cleaning and pets are all over the place, having this safe yet effective odor remover would surely be a wise move. 

However, you may need to apply a large sum every time to make it work. Still, considering the exceptional features it offers in terms of tackling pet odors, this should surely be an amazing option to go ahead with. 


  • Extremely easy to apply 
  • Digests the smelly elements and restricts the spread of smell 
  • Works well on artificial turf 
  • Safe for pets 


  • May need a considerable amount to work

ANGRY ORANGE Pet Urine Odor Eliminator 

At the first spot in the list, we have the Angry Orange pet odor eliminator, something which has an unparalleled user satisfaction record. 


  • Natural cleaner 
  • Orange oil formulation
  • Neutralizes odor 
  • Added freshness 
  • Convenient application 

The thing that makes it different from the average odor eliminator is its sheer power of it. They’re equipped with a highly sophisticated formula that targets the odor at the source and removes it. 

If you want a single name that can completely get rid of all the odor-related issues at once, then getting this one by Angry Orange would 

The powerful formulation uses a citrus-flavored fragrance, specially designed for strong urine smells which are extremely difficult to do away with. 

Sometimes you may find odor removers that need to be mixed in water or other liquids, which makes application a bit problematic. 

But with this incredible odor eliminator, you don’t have to perform such complicated tasks. Instead, you can use it directly on the affected areas, making it tremendously convenient. 

Apart from your artificial grass, this highly versatile cleaner can be utilized to eradicate foul smells from couches, bins, beddings, and other similar areas. 

One issue with this one is, you’d have to be careful with your pets as long as its effects have subsided. Because it’s highly powerful and gets the job done in minutes, its strong chemical compounds can be harmful to pets, so wait for some time as long as its effects aren’t gone.


  • Instantly eliminates any sort of odor 
  • Doesn’t let the odor resurface later 
  • Easy application 
  • Offers a beautiful citrus-flavored fragrance 


  • Can seem harmful if pets ingest the chemical 
Product Name Description Usage Instructions Key Features
Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator Liquid concentrate deodorizer Dilute with water (1:10 ratio), spray on artificial grass, let sit for a few minutes, then rinse with water
Biodegradable, non-toxic, safe for pets and plants
Scotts Outdoor Cleaner Plus OxiClean Spray cleaner Spray on artificial grass, let sit for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with water
Contains OxiClean to lift stains and dirt, safe for use on multiple surfaces
BioTurf BioS+ Concentrated cleaner and deodorizer Dilute with water (1:16 ratio), apply with a pump sprayer or hose-end sprayer, let sit for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with water
Biodegradable, non-toxic, contains enzymes to break down pet waste and urine
Simple Green Pro HD Heavy-Duty Cleaner Concentrated cleaner Dilute with water (1:10 to 1:128 ratio depending on level of cleaning needed), apply with a pump sprayer or hose-end sprayer, let sit for a few minutes, then rinse with water
Non-corrosive, non-abrasive, safe for use on multiple surfaces
Preen Lawn Weed Control + Crabgrass Preventer Granular herbicide Apply directly to artificial grass and water in thoroughly
Prevents weed growth, safe for use on established lawns and gardens
TurfPride Artificial Turf Cleaner and Deodorizer Liquid concentrate cleaner and deodorizer Dilute with water (1:32 ratio), apply with a pump sprayer or hose-end sprayer, let sit for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with water
Biodegradable, non-toxic, contains enzymes to break down pet waste and urine

Some Common Causes of Odor in Artificial Grass

Just like any other part of your home, artificial grass can sometimes develop unpleasant odors. Knowing the common causes of these odors is essential in keeping your lawn fresh and enjoyable. In this section, we’ll explore the three primary sources of unpleasant smells in artificial grass and provide some tips on how to address them.

  • Pet Urine And Feces

If you have pets, it’s likely that they use your artificial grass as their personal bathroom. When pet waste accumulates, it can create a high concentration of ammonia and bacteria, which can result in foul odors. Additionally, the breakdown of waste over time releases gases that contribute to these unpleasant smells. Flies and other insects may also be attracted to the area.

To keep your artificial grass free of pet-related odors, be sure to remove waste promptly and consider designating specific areas for your pets to do their business. Regularly cleaning and deodorizing the grass can also help minimize any lingering smells.

  • Mold And Mildew Growth

Mold and mildew can be sneaky culprits behind unpleasant odors in your artificial grass. They often result from poor drainage, excessive moisture due to weather or watering, and shaded, humid areas in your yard. When mold and mildew are present, they can produce musty odors and even pose health risks if not addressed promptly.

To prevent mold and mildew growth, ensure that your artificial grass has proper drainage and that you’re keeping up with regular maintenance and cleaning. If you notice any mold or mildew, take action immediately to remove it and prevent future growth.

  • Spills and Stains

Accidents happen, and sometimes spills or stains can occur on your artificial grass. Common culprits include food and beverages, grease and oil from grills or vehicles, and chemicals from gardening or pool maintenance. These spills can cause unpleasant odors, as well as discoloration and damage to the grass fibers.

To keep spills and stains from becoming an issue, clean them up as soon as they occur, using appropriate cleaning agents to ensure that no residue is left behind. Regularly inspect and maintain your artificial grass to catch any potential issues early on.

Benefits of Using Artificial Grass Deodorizers

Now that we’ve discussed the common causes of odors in artificial grass, let’s dive into the benefits of using deodorizers to maintain a fresh and pleasant lawn. Artificial grass deodorizers come in various types and formulations, but they all share a common goal: to neutralize unpleasant smells and create a welcoming outdoor space. Here are the top benefits of using artificial grass deodorizers:

Neutralizes Unpleasant Odors

The primary function of artificial grass deodorizers is to eliminate foul smells, which can range from pet urine to mildew. Deodorizers work by breaking down odor-causing compounds and neutralizing them, leaving your lawn smelling clean and fresh. By addressing these odors promptly, you can ensure a more enjoyable outdoor experience for you and your family.

Prolongs the Lifespan of Artificial Grass

By keeping your artificial grass clean and odor-free, you’re also helping to prolong its lifespan. Odors can be a sign of underlying issues, such as bacteria growth or inadequate drainage, which can eventually damage your grass. Using a deodorizer regularly can help prevent these issues from becoming severe, ultimately saving you money in the long run.

Safe for Children and Pets

Most artificial grass deodorizers are designed with safety in mind, as many families have children and pets who love to play on the lawn. When choosing a deodorizer, look for products that are non-toxic, biodegradable, and free of harsh chemicals. This will ensure that your lawn remains a safe and healthy environment for everyone to enjoy.

Environmentally Friendly Options

As we become more environmentally conscious, it’s essential to choose products that are eco-friendly. Many artificial grass deodorizers on the market today are made from natural ingredients, such as enzymes or essential oils, which are not only effective at eliminating odors but also have a minimal environmental impact. By choosing environmentally friendly deodorizers, you can maintain a fresh lawn while also doing your part to protect the planet.

How to Apply Artificial Grass Deodorizer?

To keep your artificial grass smelling fresh and clean, it’s essential to know how to apply a deodorizer effectively. In this section, we’ll walk you through the steps to ensure that your lawn stays odor-free and enjoyable for everyone. Let’s get started!

Cleaning The Artificial Grass Surface

Before applying a deodorizer, it’s crucial to clean the surface of your artificial grass thoroughly. This will help the deodorizer work more effectively and remove any dirt, debris, or waste that may be contributing to unpleasant odors. Here are some tips for cleaning your artificial grass:


  • Remove any large debris, such as leaves or branches, by hand or with a leaf blower.
  • Use a rake or broom to gently loosen and remove any smaller debris or pet waste.
  • If necessary, hose down the area to wash away any remaining dirt or residue.

Applying the Deodorizer According To Product Instructions

Once your artificial grass is clean, it’s time to apply the deodorizer. Each product will have specific instructions, so be sure to read the label carefully before using it. Some common application methods include:

  • Spraying the deodorizer evenly across the surface of the grass.
  • Sprinkling granular deodorizers or infills over the affected areas.
  • Mixing the deodorizer with water and using a garden sprayer for even coverage.

Frequency of Application

The frequency with which you should apply a deodorizer will depend on several factors, including the severity of the odors, the type of deodorizer, and your specific lawn conditions. In general, you may need to apply a deodorizer:

  • After cleaning up pet waste or spills.
  • As part of your regular lawn maintenance routine (e.g., monthly or bi-monthly).
  • More frequently during hot or humid weather, when odors may be more noticeable.

Tips for Preventing Future Odor Buildup

In addition to using a deodorizer, there are several steps you can take to prevent future odor buildup in your artificial grass. Some of these include:

  • Promptly cleaning up pet waste and spills.
  • Ensuring proper drainage to prevent mold and mildew growth.
  • Regularly inspecting and maintaining your artificial grass, including raking or brushing the fibers to keep them looking fresh and clean.

By following these steps and applying a deodorizer as needed, you can maintain a fresh, odor-free lawn that’s perfect for enjoying with family and friends. Remember, a clean and pleasant-smelling lawn not only enhances your outdoor experience but also helps prolong the life of your artificial grass.

Types of Artificial Grass Deodorizers

With various types of artificial grass deodorizers available, it can be challenging to determine which one is the best fit for your lawn. In this section, we’ll explore four popular types of deodorizers and discuss their benefits and drawbacks to help you make an informed decision.

Enzyme-based deodorizers

Enzyme-based deodorizers are a popular choice for many homeowners because they effectively break down odor-causing compounds, such as pet urine and organic matter. These deodorizers work by using natural enzymes to digest the molecules responsible for the unpleasant smell. Some benefits of enzyme-based deodorizers include:

  • Highly effective at neutralizing odors
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Safe for children and pets

However, enzyme-based deodorizers may require more frequent application, especially in areas with heavy pet traffic.

Zeolite infill


Zeolite infill is a natural mineral that can be used as a deodorizer for artificial grass. It works by trapping and neutralizing ammonia, a primary component of pet urine odor. Some advantages of using zeolite infill include:

  • Long-lasting odor control
  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • Helps maintain the look and feel of your artificial grass

On the downside, zeolite infill may not be as effective at addressing non-pet-related odors, such as mold and mildew.

Essential oil-based deodorizers

Essential oil-based deodorizers use natural plant extracts to neutralize unpleasant odors in artificial grass. These products often contain a blend of oils, such as eucalyptus, lemongrass, or lavender, which are known for their antimicrobial and odor-neutralizing properties. Benefits of essential oil-based deodorizers include:

  • Pleasant and natural fragrance
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Environmentally friendly

However, essential oil-based deodorizers may require more frequent application to maintain their effectiveness.


Baking soda and vinegar solution

A simple and cost-effective option for deodorizing artificial grass is a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Baking soda absorbs odors, while vinegar helps to neutralize them. To use this solution, mix equal parts of water and white vinegar and then add a generous amount of baking soda. Some benefits of this DIY deodorizer include:

  • Inexpensive and easy to make at home
  • Non-toxic and safe for children and pets
  • Effective at neutralizing a variety of odors

This solution may not be as long-lasting as other commercial deodorizers and may require more frequent application.


Choosing the right artificial grass deodorizer depends on factors like the type and severity of odors, your budget, and your preferences regarding natural or commercial products. Experimenting with different types of deodorizers can help you determine which one works best for your lawn and ensures a fresh, odor-free space for you and your family to enjoy.


How to Get Rid of the Smell of Pet Urine from Artificial Grass

Getting rid of the cat or dog urine from artificial grass is often a difficult job. Today, we’ll show you some effective methods as to how you can easily get the odor in control. 

Why Is Pet Odor So Bad?

Before going ahead with how to tackle the odor, we must learn how pet excrement creates this smell. Pet urine and stool contain various chemical compounds which makes them extremely smelly. Here are some of the reasons why they’re difficult to get rid of: 

  • Urine contains tremendously powerful chemicals like urea 
  • Pet urine also contains strong compounds like uric acid and creatine 
  • Most of the time pet urine go unnoticed and only 
  • Bacterial agents degrade the urea and create ammoniacal smell 
  • Pets that are older may lack some critical kidney functions and as a result, leaves extremely smelly urine

The Process of Eliminating Pet Urine Odor 

Here you’d find all the ways you can use to get the urine odor in control: 

Use Water Hose to Clean the Urine 

It’s always advised to use a high-pressure water hose to instantly clean the urine through the drainage. If you can detect the area quickly after your naughty cat has done its work and can use the hose on the area right away it’d be easy to reduce the spread. 

Use Odor Eliminator Liquids if there’s Hose Pipe Ban

As we mentioned in the guide, there are plenty of quality odor eliminator solutions available in the market. You can use them easily to minimize the severity of the smell in case of hosepipe bans. 

Apply Bioactive Odor Neutralizers 

Using the chemicalized solutions may seem risky and may not be effective in terms of limiting the smell for long. It’s highly possible that using a layer of fragrance would not be able to hold off the strong ammoniacal stink of pet urine. In that case, it’s much safer to use biological solutions which will target the odor-causing ammonia and proteins and control the smell for a longer period. 

How to use Enzyme Based Cleaners 

Here is a basic step-by-step process on how you can use enzyme-based cleaners to get the job done. 

  • Clean the hard substances like stool 
  • Clean the liquid substances like urine using a paper towel
  • Spray the spot with bioactive solutions 
  • Leave it for 10-10 minutes and let it do its work 
  • Finally use a turf broom and water to clean up the area 

Rinsing the Grass with Vinegar 

Another tremendously effective approach is using distilled white vinegar. Here are some of the reasons why they’d be a great alternative: 

  • Can get urine smell under control 
  • Non-toxic element 
  • Safe for pets and kids 
  • Destroys the ammonia in cat and dog pee 
  • Kills bacteria and germs present in urine 

Cleaning Urine or Stool with Laundry Detergents 

You can also use laundry detergents to minimize the urine smell of your pets. How you can use this easy solution is given below: 

  • Boil water 
  • Mix detergent with the water 
  • Apply the mixture using a brush on your artificial grass 
  • Try to get the mixture in through the grass blades and make sure they reach the affected area 
  • Finally, use cold water to rinse the place 


Use Paper Towels 

One of the simplest methods is to use paper towels. Here is how you can do it 

  • Simply put paper towels on the spot, 
  • Let them soak up the urine 
  • Throw the towels in the trash can 
  • Apply vinegar or warm water 
  • Mop it up and dry the area using paper towels 

Use Sand-Like Particle-Based Turf Deodorizers 

You can also use turf deodorizers to control the spread of the smell. The benefit of having these sort of deodorizers is: 

  • Clean and dry particles easy to apply 
  • Doesn’t need spraying or watering 
  • Removes the stench by attacking the ammonia 
  • Eco-deodorizers are safe for plants and animals 

Baking Soda Can Prevent Foul Stench 

Well, you can also use baking soda to limit the foul stench to an extent. If the smell has become severe and needs a thorough treatment you can do the following: 

  • Apply baking soda all over the grass baking soda is a natural deodorizer that eliminates odor easily
  • If the odor is created because of a recent factor sprinkle baking soda over the spot and clean it up after 10 minutes 
  • You can also make a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to quickly solve any strong stench 

Carpet Cleaner Can Be Utilized 

Another solution that can be used is carpet cleaners. You can clean pet urine using carpet cleaners in the following manner: 

  • First, clean up any remaining hard substances like stool wearing one time gloves 
  • Try to dry up the liquid area like urine using paper towels 
  • Apply the carpet cleaner in required amounts 
  • Wait for 1-2 minutes as it does its work
  • Use a stiff brush to get any remaining stains 
  • Finally, use an old rag or paper towel to mop the area 


Is an Artificial Grass Deodorizer Necessary?

Absolutely, an artificial grass deodorizer is a highly essential item to keep both the smell and the bacteria in check. 

How can I freshen my artificial grass?

You can use various artificial grass cleaners and deodorizers. Perform regular cleaning 

Does baking soda work on artificial grass?

Baking soda can be used to deodorize and remove odor from your artificial grass. 

Can you use washing-up liquid on artificial grass?

You can use washing detergents to remove light stains from the artificial grass. 

Does vinegar harm artificial grass?

Vinegar does not have any negative impact on the grass. Synthetic turf uses durable materials for its construction and will have no effect on vinegar if applied. 

Final Thoughts 

After a tremendously comprehensive discussion of some of the best artificial deodorizers, we’ve come to the conclusive parts of our guide. 

Throughout the guide, we tried to bring to light quality turf deodorizer options and offered a detailed analysis on their strengths and drawbacks so you get to find the right solution for battling odor and foul smells You can also use home DIY solutions to get the odor in control. 

It’s essential to keep your artificial turf clean always. Leaving the pet waste untreated would lead to many diseases and create a highly unhealthy environment for everyone in the house. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Grab a quality turf deodorizer now and instantly put an end to all the odors right now! 


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Nesar Uddin Ahmad

With outstanding experience as a content strategist, Nesar leads the team with exceptional strategies and techniques. He has a solid understanding of the company's marketing strategy and how it will be implemented on all platforms and has the capability to communicate that information effectively with other departments within the organization. Further, with his deep understanding of marketing and relative fields he plans to the business goals will be achieved. For over a year, Nesar’s contribution to The Greenoma is unparalleled and his sheer skill and firm determination has made us who we are today.

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