5 Best Artificial Grass Nails for Smooth Installation!

Having the best artificial grass nails would make sure that turf installation will hold out against wear, increased foot traffic, pets, and hyperactive children. 

The main reason behind using quality nails is to ensure that the grass remains fixed at the designated surface and doesn’t get pulled up or displaced. 

They hold the grass securely to the designated location and offer an outstandingly smooth and flat appearance without wrinkles.  

Best Artificial Grass Nails 

Today we’re going to check out some quality nails which will do the job perfectly! Let’s find out more about them right now. 

MAOMBO 6 Inch Spiral Nails for Artificial Grass

MAOMBO 140 Pcs 6-Inch Landscape Stakes, Spiral Metal Galvanized Landscape Spikes, Garden Nails for Artificial Turf, Paver Edging, Weed Barrier, Carpentry and More
  • These 6-inch-long synthetic turf Stakes have threaded surfaces that help hold and protect artificial, fake and artificial outdoor grass, keeping it clean, safe and orderly.
  • These nail coatings feature a sturdy, weather-resistant coating that will not rust, corrode or crack after many years of use.
  • Great for timber spikes/nails, tent stakes, paver/landscape edging, wood outdoor steps & more
  • The spiral design provides better friction and stability, is strong and not easy to loose.
  • 140 pcs, suitable for any soil type!

At the first spot on the list, we have the Mambo garden nails. Coming with a superior reputation, these sturdy nails should offer you quality turf installation. Let’s check it out for more.


  • Added sharpness helps users nail it in seconds 
  • Exceptional punctuality 
  • Solid construction 
  • Wider application areas 
  • Galvanized nails for extra protection 

Reach is one of the most important factors in terms of getting a turf nailed down to the surface. If the nails aren’t long enough, the grass will inevitably be loosened from the ground and pulled up. 

In that case, the long 6 inch nails would offer a good reach to hold the grass down to the ground. 

Often we notice rusting on the nails due to water and other weather-related issues. This rust can have a negative impact on turf health and may not be the ideal element for a surface where pets like to loiter around. 

Well, the weather-resistant coating applied on the outer surface of the nails would offer amazing protection from rusting and other similar issues. 

This incredibly effective coating would also safeguard them against cracking due to long-term usage. Primarily, the cracks occur because of the gradual corrosion breaking them down slowly. 

Last but not the least, it comes with a spiral design. Unlike the straight and smooth nails, the spirals present on them would offer better friction reducing the possibility of nails coming out easily. 

Well, there aren’t many negatives to talk about. So overall, if you’re looking for superior grade nails for your turf this one should be a quality option anytime. 


  • Long 6 inch nails for better reach 
  • Rust-resistant performance keeps it shining 
  • Weather coating reduces possibilities of cracking due to corrosion 
  • Spiral design for better friction and strength 


  • Not usable for hard ground

One Stop Outdoor -8inches USA Made Synthetic Turf Nails

(150 Pack) USA MADE - 8" Inch Plastic Edging Nails, Spiral Nylon Landscape Stake/Anchoring Spikes for Paver Edging, Weed Barrier, Artificial Turf, No Dig Edging (150)
  • Made in the USA! Professional Grade Quality! EASY INSTALLATION: Designed for installation with a rubber mallet or by hand based on soil density.
  • 8" Inch Nail Size Fits Most Major Brands - 3/4" Head with 3/8" Shaft.
  • Multi Purpose Application: Paver Edging, Landscape Edging, Weed Fabric, Artificial Turf & More
  • Spiral Hammer-In Design for Secure Hold! Easily Do-it-yourself, works with all soil types. (If your soil is extremely hard try wetting and saturating with water before you try installing - this will save you some time!)
  • Durable Heavy-Duty Plastic - Landscape edging anchoring stake - Will Not Rust Or Deteriorate.

The 2nd spot on our list is the highly well-received fake grass nails by One Stop Outdoor. If you’re someone who’s having trouble getting your turf nailed down to the ground strongly, then these exceptional nail solutions should offer quality support. 


  • Installation done in minutes 
  • Multipurpose nails 
  • Sturdy plastic construction 
  • Deterioration-free material 
  • Safe for pets and children

If your turf is a bit thick and requires a long nail to reach the ground properly, then here is what we’d suggest. 


Well, these are extra long nails reaching up to a staggering 8 inches in length. 

As a result, they’d offer the desired reach so you can get grass nailed to the ground appropriately. 

Moreover, these nails would offer an unbelievably large amount of application possibilities. Apart from using artificial grass, you can use it for weed barriers, edging, and garden walkways. 

This one too, like the MAOMBO 6 Inch Spiral Nails for Artificial Grass, uses a spiral design. So, the friction would be there making it difficult for the nails to come out due to pressure. 

Another positive of these items are, they are plastic spiral stakes, made highly durable using superior grade materials. So you won’t be having any trouble with corrosion, rusting or any issues similar to these! They’d keep your turf clean and flat for a long time. 

However, it may get a bit difficult to get it through a harder surface. Yet, all things considered, these nails by One Stop Outdoor should surely offer a quality turf installation performance every time! 


  • Incredibly long 8 inch nails for thicker turfs 
  • Spiral construction for a better hold 
  • Tremendously versatile application possibilities 
  • Plastic construction for rust-free performance 


  • May get a bit difficult to get it through the harder surface area 

Mototeks 6 Inches-  Landscaping Nails for Artificial Grass 

No products found.

At the third spot in the list, we have another nail that can hold the grass to the base perfectly. Let’s find out more about the Mototeks grass nails. 


  • Sturdy construction 
  • Strength enhancing technology 
  • Lengthy nails for better reach 
  • Comes in a large 500 pcs set 
  • Easy installation 

One of the positives of these nails is, they’re steel nails. Steel nails have a pretty sharp and pointy head which makes installation a breeze. 

Plus, the steel material keeps its shape unadulterated despite heavy hammering and won’t get bent when you use them against your turf base. 

A unique feature of these quality nails is that they use galvanized steel in construction. As the nails have gone through the process of galvanization, you’re expected to witness a completely rust-free performance. Your turf would look smooth and cleaner with corrosion and rust being kept away, thanks to quality galvanizing techniques. 

Last but not the least, these nails are designed especially for use on your turf. So, if you were looking for nails that were specifically constructed for your turf, these are the ones you should be getting. 

However, there aren’t many drawbacks to talking about these particular nails. So, overall, we’d say these are certainly some of the best nails for artificial grass you can go for right now! 


  • Galvanized nails for rust and corrosion-resistant performance 
  • Sturdy steel nails work without bending or breaking 
  • Sharp and pointy nail head for easy installation 
  • Designed specifically for synthetic turf 


  • It May get difficult to get it out if reinstallation is needed

One Stop Outdoor Store – Artificial Grass Nails

USA Made (150 Pack) Synthetic Grass Landscape, 5.5" Turf Nails/Stakes, 5 lbs Galvanized Boxed Spikes for Securing Artificial Turf & No Dig Edging Products Approximately 150 Nails
  • Keeps Turf in pace for a proper professional installation
  • Approximately 150 Per Bag!
  • Used in and around the perimeter of the turf area - Use for securing your artificial turf to the ground!
  • USA Made - Electrogalvanized For Longer Lasting Rust Resistance

Now we’re going to talk about another One Stop Outdoor Store nail. This time it’s steel nails instead of the plastic nails we’ve talked about previously. 


  • Specially designed for turfs 
  • Works well on thinner turfs
  • Not visible when used 
  • Electrogalvanization technology 
  • Versatile application 

One of the biggest challenges for steel nails is rust and corrosion. Especially during the wet and winter months, turf nails get exposed to water. Plus, while cleaning and removing odor from the turf the nails can also come into contact with various chemicalized liquid substances. 

Due to all these, they’re highly prone to rust and corrosion. Which is the reason many now use plastic nails as opposed to steel ones. 

However, these nails in particular have been specifically designed to withstand rusting. They use a special zinc-coating galvanizing process, which makes them completely immune to rust or similar issues. 

The nails you use must have the sturdiness to pierce through and go into the base or gravel/sand mixture underneath the turf. Well, these steel nails would surely be strong enough to do that. 

With sharpened steel heads and tough construction, they would be an ideal option to hold your grass down flat and without wrinkles. 

Your grass won’t move away from the base despite foot traffic and should hold up pretty well.

However, being a bit short around 5.5 inches, they have slight issues holding down thicker turfs properly. 

Despite the minor issues, they should work incredibly well for turfs that are thinner and should surely be quality nails you can go for. 


  • Zinc coating galvanizing process for corrosion-resistant performance 
  • Rust-free build keeps the grass clean and healthy 
  • Sharpened head for easy installation 
  • Hold the grass down flat 


  • May have slight issues with thicker grass or bases 

Maombo Store 8 Inches – Galvanized Artificial Turf Nails

50 Pack - 8" Solid Galvanized Non-Rust Metal Garden Stakes, Spiral Landscape Edging Spikes/Anchors, for Paver Edging, Weed Barriers, Turf, House Construction, Carpentry Nail, Tent, Anchoring Spikes
  • Spiral design: the stake adopts a more fashionable spiral design, which looks very beautiful, and this spiral stake can have a better fixation effect to help you build your beautiful garden
  • More appropriate length: stake is 8 inches long, which allows it to go deeper into the ground or into wooden boards and hold everything in place effortlessly
  • Hot-dip galvanizing: a more rust-resistant hot-dip galvanizing process is applied to the stake surface, making the stake ideal for outdoor use, reuse, and long-term storage
  • Hard steel: Stake is made of high quality steel with a diameter of 0.21 inches. It is very strong and durable
  • Bright color: easy to distinguish, not easy to lose

Finally, to end our guide we have another Maombo store nail to discuss. Coming with the exceptional capability of sticking the turf to the surface, these nails should surely be a standard pick. 


  • Hot-dip galvanization
  • Quality turf anchoring 
  • Variety of application 
  • Hard steel construction 
  • Goldish appearance 

One thing that separates the Maombo Store nails from the others is their intelligent choice of length. They know very well that synthetic turfs, in general, are pretty thick, on top of that the base on which the grass is installed is also pretty solid. This is why they’ve designed their nails pretty long at around 8 inches, similar to the One-Stop Outdoor nails we talked about previously. 

This extra-long nail would help you to hold down thick artificial grass and prevent them from being pulled up. 

Increased foot traffic, children playing around and overactive pets can loosen up the grass from the base. Keeping that in mind these nails were designed with spiral textures on the body. 

These spirals will create increased friction and make the grass stick to the base strongly. 

Moreover, being galvanized using a hot-dip method, these nails will be completely resistant to rust, making them ideal options for outdoor use. 

The rust-free construction would also keep your turf cleaner and safer for pets and children to roam around. 

If you have a base that is strong, nails may end up getting bent. This is why you must go for sturdy steel nails in such cases. These nails are pretty durable and hence the possibility of getting bent remains minimum. 

They seem a bit long for slimmer turfs. But all in all, these should certainly be quality nails for your artificial grass anytime! 


  • Exceptionally long 8inch nails reach deep into the base
  • Spiral design helps it stick to the base strongly 
  • Galvanized nails for rust-free, healthy turf 
  • Study nails for bend-free performance 


  • May seem a bit long for slimmer grass 

What types of Nails to Use for Artificial Grass? 

Regular nails and nails for artificial grass may not be exactly similar. There are some things you should keep in mind while getting nails for your turf. Let’s learn about some of them for a better understanding: 

Sturdy Construction

First, you must get sturdier nails for your turf. Often the base is pretty tough and sticking the grass on the base requires heavy hammering, which can bend the nails. That’s why it’s better to go for strong steel nails while anchoring synthetic grass. 

Moreover, if your turf and the base aren’t that thick, you can go for the plastic nails. They’re clean, don’t have rust issues, and are safer for pets and kids. 

Long Nails for Increased Foot Traffic 

Finally, we’d recommend you go for longer nails. Shorter nails may not be able to hold the grass down and can be prone to be pulled up. Children playing around and overly-energetic pets can put intense pressure on the turf and as a result, the grass can be pulled up and wrinkled. 

Further, most of the grass right now is pretty thick, and using small nails may not be able to reach the base properly. That’s why we’d recommend you to go for 6-8 inch nails at the very least. Going smaller than that may be able to hold the grass down strongly. 

Galvanized or Non-Galvanized Nails? 

You may have come across galvanized and non galvanized staples or nails for faux grass. Here is a comparison between the two so you get to decide which one would be the better option.  

Where Can I Use Galvanized Nails?

If you pick steel nails for your turf then you must make sure they’re galvanized. Turf would come into contact with water and other liquid substances which can develop rust. To prevent corrosion, it’s always better to get nails that are properly galvanized. Outdoor areas would be the most appropriate place to use galvanized nails. 

Where Can I Use Non-Galvanized Nails?

Non-galvanized nails are often prone to corrosion and rusting. This is why you may not want them to come into contact with water or other liquid cleaners. In that case, you can use them indoors, especially in office spaces where you won’t have to use liquid cleaners for pet odors

Overall, it’s always better to go for the galvanized nails. They aren’t much expensive compared to the non-galvanized ones while offering way better and safer applications. 

How to Nail Down Artificial Grass?

Here is a complete guide on how you can nail down your turf for longer lasting performance:

Materials needed:

  • Artificial grass
  • Nails or turf pins
  • Hammer or mallet
  • Measuring tape
  • Utility knife
  • Landscape fabric or geotextile fabric (optional)


  1. Prepare the installation area: Clear the area of any debris, rocks, or other objects that could interfere with the installation. If the area is prone to weeds, consider laying down a layer of landscape fabric or geotextile fabric to prevent weed growth.
  2. Roll out the artificial grass: Unroll the artificial grass over the installation area, making sure it is flat and even. Use a measuring tape to ensure that the grass is cut to the correct size for the installation area.
  3. Secure the edges: Use nails or turf pins to secure the edges of the artificial grass to the ground. Space the nails or pins approximately 6 inches apart, making sure they are driven into the ground at a slight angle. This will help to anchor the artificial grass in place and prevent it from shifting or moving over time.
  4. Nail down the middle: Starting from the center of the installation area, work your way outwards, nailing or pinning down the artificial grass every 6 inches or so. Make sure the nails or pins are evenly spaced and driven into the ground at a slight angle to anchor the artificial grass in place.
  5. Trim the edges: Once the artificial grass is securely nailed down, use a utility knife to trim any excess grass from the edges of the installation area. Be sure to cut along the edge of any existing landscaping or hardscaping to create a clean, professional-looking edge.
  6. Add infill (optional): If desired, add infill material to the artificial grass to help it stand up and look more natural. This can include materials such as silica sand, rubber crumbs, or a combination of both.


How many nails do I need for artificial grass?

As a general rule of thumb, you can place nails 3-4 inches apart around the edges. Throughout the middle part, nails are 14-24 inches apart for better holding capabilities. 

How do you nail artificial grass?

You can nail the artificial grass down using a hammer easily. 

What MM is best for artificial grass?

Anything above 40 MM is a good pick for artificial grass. Turfs above this height are thick and safe for children to play around with. 

How do you get rid of lines in artificial grass?

You can get rid of the lines in artificial grass by making sure the installation is precisely done, attaching the edges correctly, using a plate compactor or weight to slowly level the seams, and applying artificial grass seam tape. 

Why do you need to put sand on artificial grass?

Sand infills are primarily used on synthetic turf to prevent bacterial growth, absorb shock and increase durability. 

Final Thoughts 

After a long and tremendously comprehensive discussion on some quality turf nail options, we’re at the final parts of our guide. Throughout the guide, we’ve talked about how each nail can get your turf a solid installation. 

Nails can hold the grass down and prevent it from being displaced due to increased foot traffic. If you use sturdy nails, your turf will not move even if children or pets play around on top of it. They will help the artificial grass to stick to the base strongly and offer a rust-free, safer use.

Get the best artificial grass nails right now and affix your turf for years to come! 

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With outstanding experience as a content strategist, Nesar leads the team with exceptional strategies and techniques. He has a solid understanding of the company's marketing strategy and how it will be implemented on all platforms and has the capability to communicate that information effectively with other departments within the organization. Further, with his deep understanding of marketing and relative fields he plans to the business goals will be achieved. For over a year, Nesar’s contribution to The Greenoma is unparalleled and his sheer skill and firm determination has made us who we are today.

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